Sports Physicals

Sports Physicals

Sports Physicals services offered in Rancho Vistoso, Oro Valley, AZ

If you or your kids plan to start a new sport, you can schedule comprehensive sports physicals for the whole family at Desert Lotus Clinic. Sports physicals are a great way to prepare yourself for the repetitive movements and intense workouts required of baseball, football, and other sports. Nadia Poon-Woo, FNP-BC, provides comprehensive sports physicals and offers resources athletes at all levels can use to thrive in their favorite sports. Call the Oro Valley, Arizona, office to schedule sports physicals for yourself or your family, or book an appointment online.

Sports Physicals Q & A

What are sports physicals?

Sports physicals are preventive exams that ensure you’re healthy enough to play sports like soccer, basketball, and football.

Desert Lotus Clinic offers comprehensive sports physicals for adolescents and adults. Nadia focuses on identifying health issues that may interfere with your ability to be physically active and engage in the high-impact activities that sports require.

When should I schedule sports physicals?

Many organized sports require a sports physical as part of their registration process. Even if your school or sports team doesn’t mandate a physical, you should still schedule one for you or your child at Desert Lotus Clinic.

Sports physicals are the primary way to identify diseases like asthma or musculoskeletal injuries that can negatively affect your ability to participate in sports. These preventive physical exams are also a good time for you or your child to learn more about improving your strength and enhancing your game performance.

Schedule a sports physical appointment in advance of a new sports season. This ensures you have enough time to get the physical and necessary medical documentation your sports club or school needs for your registration.

What happens during sports physicals?

During a sports physical appointment at Desert Lotus Clinic, Nadia reviews your personal and family medical histories, your diet and lifestyle, and any concerns you have about your health. She also considers the sport you plan to play as she completes your physical exam.

This exam includes an evaluation of your:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Lung function
  • Heart rate
  • Muscle strength
  • Joint flexibility
  • Blood pressure

If you have existing health issues, Nadia may order in-clinic lab work to ensure your condition is well-controlled. She also assesses how the condition may affect your ability to play sports. For example, sports participation may still be possible with proper medical management if you or your child have asthma.

After your physical is complete, Nadia can recommend exercises, meal plans, nutritional supplements, and other strategies you can use during sports training. She also provides resources to lower your risk factors for muscle tears, ligament strain, and other sports-related injuries.

If you experience a sports injury, Nadia can treat it with advanced K-Laser® therapy and other nonsurgical treatments to support your recovery. 

Call Desert Lotus Clinic to schedule sports physicals for yourself or your family, or book an appointment online today.